Bridge the Gap

Mr. Smith and I have the same spider.

His builds a web on his front porch, and mine builds a web on the back. They have been there for months.

blur close up cobweb garden
Photo by Pixabay on

Maybe this is similar to a long-lasting relationship.

My spider began up under the roof of the porch, like it was practicing, and building up courage to safely expand. Then one day, I noticed one end of the web attached to the porch roof, but the other end was connected to a tree branch, spanning a great distance.

This act of bravery is of great benefit to the spider.

There is more web which equals more food.

During the day, the spiders curl up in a corner, and enclose themselves with webbing. Just like the building of the web, a long-lasting relationship takes effort, so there needs to be time to curl up and rest.

Each day the web becomes more massive, and it caused me to ponder bridging the gap of the relationship. The miles between the two souls.

Mr. Smith’s spider, along with mine expand their webs everyday, like Smith and I do when we feel the gap. Until that day arrives where we can share our lives as one, we can imitate the two spider’s. One at his home, one at mine. Time will bridge the gap.

two spiders on web
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