Letitgocoach.com is where the passion to write began.

The passion continues, but this site is different. It’s a more intimate journey.

Point A to point B, has not been a straight shot. It’s held turns, ditches, holes and side trails. God is there through the hills and valleys.

God reveals my main path in yearly increments. His Master Plan. When distractions set in, He pops up a yearly reminder. Here is what I know:

May 2014-Began Blogging at Letitgocoach.com, and practiced revealing by writing. Still practicing.

May 2015-Purchased the domain name ‘Bent Not Broken’, but didn’t use it right away. More practice was needed, so writing continued as Letitgocoach. The analogy of a tall palm tree withstanding wind, has always been inspiring. It has the ability to bend with the wind, all the way to the ground, but it doesn’t have to break.

May 2017-While blogging, WordPress sent notice the domain name, ‘Bent Not Broken’ was getting ready to expire if I didn’t use it.

May 6, 2017-A friend sent me the most beautiful picture of a door via Facebook. Later that day, a major door slammed shut in my journey.

May 7, 2017-My first post as Bent Not Broken.

May is a defining month, and it begins with ‘M’, as in MOVE!