It Passes Through

The weather forecast called for 100% chance of rain.

It was time to go home, but I wasn’t looking forward to driving through the storm. Do we ever look forward to going through an unknown situation?

It rained, but not all day. The sky grew dark enhanced by thunder and lightning, but God got me through the storm and safely home. Once I pulled into my driveway, it was still raining, but nothing like what I had driven through. It was slowing down.

blur cars clouds highway
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Stepping out of my car and into the house, it felt like the storm was passing through. Time passed and the rain was replaced by sun dancing on my windows.

That is what every storm does lovely.

Whether internal or external…it passes through.


The Right Setting

I washed the bedspread on my bed today. I couldn’t recall the last time it was washed, so it must be time.

Once it was in the dryer, I noticed something revelatory.

It was balled up in a tight ball, bouncing all around.

The dryer was set on the wrong setting for its lightweight.

It reminded me of the times in my life I was curled up like a tightly wound ball. Life would be too much to handle, and I would just bowl through and begin again.

Pulling the bedspread from the dryer, I unwrapped it and released its ball-like shape. Placing it back in the dryer on the Permanent Press setting, it dried beautifully.

What is your setting?

Maybe you are feeling older than you are and need some ‘wrinkle release.’ Today may be the day you need to go easy on yourself, so ‘Delicate’ cycle it is, or you need some air, so ‘air fluff’ sounds dreamy.

Whatever cycle of life you are in, I hope you find the right setting.