Mr. Smith Teaches Patience

They say, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I wasn’t ready for Mr. Smith.

He taught me patience. It was a painful process, but lastnight, he said, “You have more patience than you give yourself credit for.” Thank you Mr. Smith.

We live two hours away from one another, so texting keeps us in touch. When we first met, I asked him, “Where do you like to go to sit in peace?” He told me, “The Ranch.”

I had no clue what ranch his was referring to , but could see how that could be peaceful. Back then, I thought texting was about immediate response. ‘If you’re going to have a conversation, then let’s keep it flowing’, was my thought. He would pause before responding, and send me a thought out response.

That showed me how thoughtful he is, and it felt like an actual conversation instead of texting.

Here is how I learned patience, and he hasn’t changed, so it’s still in practice today. Whoever texts last, would wait for the other to respond. This might be minutes, or hours, but we agreed to wait.

In the beginning it was like torture! I didn’t wanna wait! Technology is meant to be fast!

Then one day, we were having this beautiful conversation, and he just disappeared. I didn’t think much about when it was only a few minutes, but as the hours went by I became concerned. I texted him just to make sure he was okay. No response.

Of course I worked myself into a frenzy running every scenario imaginable through my mind. Then, my phone buzzed, and it was him. I am sure he couldn’t understand why I was so worked up, when all he had done was gone to the Ranch.

He was sitting in peace, and I was ready to dial 911.

He realized that he forgot to tell me there is no good phone service on the Ranch. My sweetest memory of this whole fiasco is, he drove to the top of the ranch, where he would get a signal, and responded.

We have come a long way Mr. Smith. Thank you for patience.

He sent this yesterday.